12th Annual National Piano Festival | 17th - 19th March 2022 | LucKey Leprechaun NFT
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LucKey the Leprechaun NFT

What was that burst of green there through the trees? Why, it was LucKey the Leprechaun, off on his daily jaunt and at his usual merry pace, singing a happy tune and ready for a fun ol’ time. Some may say he’s a mythical creature of the days of yore, but we know he’s ever present, flitting cheerily across the Irish countryside, just on the edge of mortal sight.
As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, you’re likely to see more of him, so keep an eye out for that flash of merry green! As the festivities increase in the buildup to the holiday, you just might catch a glimpse of him trying to sneak a pint or a bit of a snack from an unsuspecting human. If you manage to ‘catch’ Lucky in whatever form he takes that day, you’ll have luck for the year and maybe even a few perks from the Piano Academy of Ireland!
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What is an NFT?

An NFT or Non-fungible Token, is a uniquely coded unit of data, usually a piece of art that you can buy to keep or trade. This piece of art and all of its ownership data (maker, first buyer, all trade info) is stored within a blockchain on IPFS.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is basically a digital ledger that includes all transaction information for an NFT or piece of cryptocurrency that is written and stored in such a way that it is impossible to change or alter. Blockchain can also be found in games that use cryptocurrency or NFTs for in game purchases or trades.

What makes NFTs rare or valuable?

There are only 88 Lucky Leprechaun NFTs available in the world, making this international community tight knit and exclusive. While NFTs create a new way to make money, very few also contribute to a greater cause like we do with Pianos for People (we donate 10% of every NFT purchased).

What makes an individual NFT rare?

NFTs are created using a unique and random combination of factors like hats, instruments, backgrounds, face, accessories, etc. While every NFT is one of a kind, certain combinations will contain an accessory, background, or feature that can only be seen in a very small percentage of a NFT collection.

What can I do with my Lucky Leprechaun?

You can do whatever you like such as trade, sell, or keep your Lucky Leprechaun which has a non-exclusive license. Your Lucky Leprechaun also acts as a membership token for our exclusive and ever-growing Lucky Leprechaun community content.

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