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Piano tuition is one-to-one and is offered to students of approximately 5 years old and above. Occasionally we may start a student that is younger if the child comes from a musical background, but it is usually best to wait until the child is 5 and has already completed some school and will absorb knowledge like a sponge! If a child waits until they are truly ready to start the piano, they will make speedy progress.

We find that one-to-one tuition is the best type of tuition to nurture the individual needs of a student. No two students are the same, and each will learn in a different way and aim for different goals. Our specifically designed programme is tailored towards the needs of each student. Individual tuition is the best way to use the time we have with a student, and to bring them to where they want to be.
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Beginners will study with a beginner’s tutor book(s) for at least a year. These books will teach them the basics of piano playing. The Piano Academy of Ireland has many tutor books to choose from, and each will introduce the student to the elements of piano playing in a slightly different sequence, all eventually reaching the same point! Our teachers will work with beginners for a number of weeks without the books before selecting an appropriate tutor for the student. This process ensures that the teacher will get to know the student before choosing a tutor that will suit the student and stimulate him/her, but that will not go too fast.

Adult Piano Tuition

Did you ever wish you had a better way to unwind, escape, and distract yourself from the humdrum of life? The perfect solution may be to tickle the ivories! Playing an instrument, such as the piano, can increase cognitive development and improves eye-hand coordination and fine-motor skills. It could be the best release to unwind and add another skill to your list.

If this makes you want to run out and get yourself a piano, or maybe you have one sitting in the corner all these years, bear this in mind; The Piano Academy of Ireland is Ireland’s only school of music specialising in Piano, is enrolling now! Despite many opportunities to expand their school to include other instruments, we made the decision to dedicate themselves exclusively to what they excel in and to what we are passionate about: THE Piano! The Piano Academy of Ireland is run by husband and wife pianists, Dr. Archie Chen & Rhona Gouldson and is now celebrating its 10th year. Their lives filled with pianos, they went on to found both an annual National Piano Festival – providing a platform for all ages and levels to perform, and in 2012 the Dublin International Piano Festival & Summer Academy, for advanced students, while providing audiences with a mesmerisng concert series, also an annual event.
Our adult student Marco Di Marzio in performance.
The Piano Academy of Ireland is unique- it is Ireland's only School of Piano, and it does not discriminate between ages levels or abilities! While many adult beginners may shy away from learning the piano, believing that they "couldn’t possibly do it!", here at the Piano Academy of Ireland, we actually listen to the student’s needs, and those who try it out soon realise that they can do it! This is a wonderful confidence booster for people, especially for the adults who might not otherwise have the opportunity to play!
Providing the opportunity for adults to learn piano is the most rewarding aspect of all my work. Many adults out there may not have had the opportunity to learn piano before now or they were told that they were tone deaf, and unfortunately spent many years believing just that! Actually it is never too late to learn and as long as you have a piano, the desire, perseverance and a couple of hours to spare to practice each week, then you are bound to succeed! No adult wants the stress of going through a stiff audition to determine their degree of talent before being told if they are ‘teachable’. The piano offers the player an incredible diversity of sound which is a wonderful channel for expressing a wide range of emotions; I’ve seen people thrive after bereavement, or de-stress during personal difficulties. It’s the perfect hobby for all adults, especially as the evenings get shorter and as we spend more time indoors.
Rhona Gouldson, Director
The first three months of lessons (I haven't taken lessons in a long time) have been as fulfilling as they have been challenging…on to 2010. I should probably talk less and play more…this will naturally follow as pieces are more worked up and I am less 'worked up'! I enjoy discussions about the shape & colour of the music - interpretation is a matter of personal expression, and it amazes me how much I miss in the music and how much I can learn.
Mark Duffy, adult student
I am extremely satisfied with my lessons, ie the material I learn durning the time frame.
Anne Marie Dillion, adult student

Lesson Durations

30 mins: Sufficient time for beginners and adult beginners or those adults who feel they may not have a lot of time to devote to practise.

45 mins: Recommended to those children passed grade 3 level or those who wish to devote more time to practise and therefore need more time with their teacher to get through course material. Also recommended to adults of all levels.

60 mins: Recommended to those children beyond grade 6 level and adults (of all levels) who are able to spend a good bit of time practising and are learning lots of repertoire.

60 mins Diploma: All diploma students must take 60 mins in order to have adequate time to cover course material.

Should a student feel like they need additional time to the above, then please come and speak with us.
Congratulations to our Student Prize Winners!
2012 EPTA Piano Festival
  • Sophia Tseng - 1st Prize 3rd years
  • Peter Regan - 2nd Prize 4th years
  • Conor Killian - VHC 1st years
  • Chloe Power - VHC 4th years
  • Sarah Windle - VHC 5th years
  • Ellen Duffy - VHC 6th years
2012 Arklow Music Festival
  • Peter Regan - 1st Prize U18
  • Peter Regan - 1st Prize Senior Repertoire
  • Chloe Power - 2nd Prize U18
  • Chloe Power - 2nd Prize Senior Repertoire

2012 Shine Music Festival
  • Joe O' Grady - 1st Prize Solo 5-6 yrs
  • Rachel Low - 1st Prize Solo 7-8 yrs
  • Jeannine Guerrero - 2nd Prize Solo 7-8 yrs
  • Stan O' Beirne - 3rd Prize Solo 7-8 yrs

2012 Feis Ceoil
  • Peter Regan - 1st Prize Fritz Brase Cup
  • Siofra Coveney - C Fritz Brase Cup
  • Peter Regan - 1st Prize J.J. O' Reilly Cup
  • Peter Regan - 1st Prize Junior Pianoforte Solo A
  • Chloe Power - 2nd Prize Junior Pianoforte Solo A
  • Peter Regan - 2nd Prize Dorothy Stokes Cup
  • Peter Regan - HC Claude Biggs Memorial Cup
  • Stan O' Beirne - C Junior Pianoforte Solo E
How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice, practice, practice!

How much should I practice?

Remember the more a student puts in…. the more he or she will get out!

However, we are human and not machines and so should you or your child not reach this target, then relax…and try to reach it the following week! If your target is not reached for more than a few weeks, then talk to your teacher and maybe draw up a more realistic target that will work for you or your child within your lifestyle. Remember we are here to work around you and help you (within the time that you have to devote to the piano) to learn to play the piano. Everyone’s expectation of what or how much they wish to achieve is different, adults especially. The guide below is an average and most students will make very good progress by spending this approximate amount of time at the piano each week! We hope this helps!
Congratulations to our 2011 Kilcoole Music Festival Prize Winners!

  • Joe O' Grady - 1st Prize U10
  • Rachel Low - 2nd Prize U10
  • Stan O' Beirne - 2nd Prize U10
  • Jeannine Guerrero - 3rd Prize U10
  • Peter Regan - 1st Prize U16
2011 Feis Ceoil
  • Ellen Duffy - 1st Prize Larchet Memorial Cup
  • Siofra Coveney - 2nd Prize Fritz Brase Cup
  • Stan O' Beirne - 3rd Prize Junior Pianoforte Solo E
  • Orla Birkett - 3rd Prize Junior Pianoforte Solo C

2011 Newpark Music Festival
  • Stan O' Beirne - 1st Prize U8
  • Joe O' Grady - 3rd Prize U8
  • Jeanine Guerero - VHC U8
  • Mia Smyth - HC U8
  • Rachel Low - 1st Prize U8
  • Daniel Windle - VHC U10
  • Sam Connolly- HC U10
  • Elva McCabe- 2nd Prize U14
  • Marco DiMarzio- 2nd Prize Adult
  • David Boylan- 3rd Prize Adult
  • Ailish Mc Garrity - VHC Adult
  • Daire O' Shea - VHC Adult
  • Ailish Mc Garity - VHC Senior Sonata Cup

2011 Kilcoole Music Festival
  • Joe O' Grady - 1st Prize U10
  • Rachel Low - 2nd Prize U10
  • Stan O' Beirne - 2nd Prize U10
  • Jeannine Guerrero - 3rd Prize U10
  • Peter Regan - 1st Prize U16

2011 Navan Music Festival
  • Stan O' Beirne - 1st Prize U9
  • Joe O' Grady - 2nd Prize U9
  • Rachel Low - 3rd Prize U9

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