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Annual Clive Gouldson Scholarship Award

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Clive Gouldson
b. 17 July 1934
d. 13 May 2011

A gift from PAI to you! We believe that all promising students should get the opportunity to audition and be in with a chance to receive FREE tuition. We would only dearly love if a Sponsor came forward to help us fund such a prize. In the meantime however, PAI is delighted to offer three annual part-Scholarships of €175 euro (voted by our teachers at our Christmas concerts)

For many years we were wishing to offer a 'gift' to our students...and so with the untimely death of Clive Gouldson in May 2011, it seemed like no better time to set up a Scholarship. Also (and not least) as a gesture to keep his spirit alive, as he was indeed a great lover of the piano and very proud of us for setting up the Piano Academy of Ireland!
Applicants for the Clive Gouldson Scholarship will be judged on one piece of their choice, to be performed at our Christmas Concerts. Applicants of all ages and levels will be judged on their performance and not on the standard of the piece they will play. However a minimum of grade 3 standard is required to be eligible.

I hope you are all looking forward to beginning your piano 'career' with us here at the Piano Academy of Ireland! And remember...if you are not in you cant win! 

Best of luck! You could be the lucky winner of a €175 discount off fees for this year! 

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