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Dublin Children's Choir

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Dublin Children's Choir
ages 7 - 15 years

Dublin Children's Choir, for girls and boys 7 - 15 years old!

We are very excited to invite children from the greater Dublin area to join together and Sing together!
What FUN!

From Mozart to Musicals, Folk songs to Christmas Carols, our Choir will explore a broad range of repertoire to include a wide range of different styles –
Popular, Classical, World music and Musicals.

Starts: October 10th 2019
Day: Thursdays 5:45pm - 6:45pm

Venue: Piano Academy of Ireland, Rathgar Methodist Church, 71B Brighton Road - Studio A

Only €330 for the whole year!
(€295 for PAI members)
Director of Choral Studies: Angela Stevens
The Course Aims to Provide:
  • Performance opportunities!
The children will perform at Christmas & Summer concerts throughout the year in the magical setting of Rathgar Methodist Church, as well as other opportunities in development!

  • Broadening of Repertoire
The children will explore a broad range of repertoire to include a wide range of different styles (popular, classical, world music and musicals.

  • A Boost for Social Interaction
This is also a great opportunity for your child to make new friends and boost confidence and social skills.

  • Artistic Development
The children will learn how music and art expresses emotion, creates shared experiences, bridges differences, tells stories, produces beauty and enriches others.
The 5 Musical Benefits of Singing in our Choir include:
1. The development of sight singing (reading)- an essential skill for the musician!

2. Develops the ear like nothing else, for pitching and tuning in to other harmonies around them – another essential skill for the musician!

3. Rhythm! Being a part of any musical ensemble straight away improves ones rhythm as we have to ‘stay together!another essential skill for the musician!

4. It develops greater musical sensitivity to phrasing, as we breathe when at the end of a phrase and not whenever we feel like it! As piano teachers, you will find us always singing along…as it allows us to feel the music more as the phrases ebb and flow…this also comes naturally to students that sing in a choir! – another essential skill for the musician!

5. Good for the Soul & Good for the Planet….singing releases tension, one feels balanced and rejuvenated after a good session of singing! Raises the vibrations around us!

Piano Academy of Ireland

Phone: Call us at 01 4972333



Head Office and Studios:
1) 71B Brighton Road, Back of Methodist Church, Rathgar, D06Y497

Piano Studio:
2) Tennant Hall, Highfield Road,
Christ Church, Rathgar

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